Oct 1, 2010

Uncle Authur’s Bedtime Stories = Special Memories

I love to read. I’ve been known to pick up a book and shut out the world. I can’t help it. I’m a bookworm. I got it from my mom.

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I can remember snuggling under her arms as she read me fairy tales, bible stories and other interesting books. However, my favorite books for her to read to me were the Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories. They were stories about little boys and girls my age who learned to ask God for forgiveness when they did wrong and prayed to him when they were in trouble.

Somehow I could always put myself in the place of those boys and girls in the stories, especially the mischievous ones. They were so familiar they seemed almost like family.

I had the perfect opportunity to put the lessons I learnt in the stories to work when I was about seven years old. Mommy had given into my constant nagging and let me assist her with wrapping some coins. I’m sure I was more of a hindrance than a help getting in the way and chattering away a mile a minute. For some reason, maybe a seven year old chatterbox, Mommy couldn’t seem to wrap the coins properly.

Guess who stepped in to save the day? Yes it was me. I remembered the repetitive lessons from the Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime stories I said to her, “Mommy why don’t we ask Jesus to help us?” She indulgently agreed. So we stopped a minute, said a quick prayer and then went back to work. Shortly afterwards I miraculously got one wrapped.

"See Mommy,” I told her beaming, “didn’t I say we should ask Jesus to help us?”

“Yes Baby” she said smiling. She never let on that I had still wrapped it completely wrong.

My sweet mom and me in her hat.

     Four years ago today I cried because my mother died
but today I’m pulling out memories that make me smile.

           What’s your favorite memory of your mom? It can be a childhood memory or a recent one.

Trusting Him,


  1. Thinking of you today with much love. Bless those precious memories that our mommas left behind for us.

  2. Thanks Bernadine, what a beautiful story and what a beautiful mother. I don't think that anything comes closer to God's love for us than the love of a mother. You are certainly blessed with yours. I know that she is still with you in a very special way. May God bless you for remembering her today.

  3. So glad that you shared this story with us on the day you lost your beloved mom. It is hard; I know, still miss my dad after 19 years.

    I love when my mom calls me on Saturday morning sharing with me how her week was :)

    Thank you for sharing from your heart.

    Love & peace,
    <>< Iris


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