Apr 6, 2011

A Letter of Thanks

Dear God,

I thank you that when I’m in despair
You are always near

You hold me close to you and dry my tears
You remind me that some days will be like this

You don’t tell me that I should not cry,
Because you understand the reasons why

My tears flow only to cleanse my soul,
To wash away bitterness and leave it aglow

My tears don’t tell you that I trust you not,
They tell you I trust you to dry them up.

Through my tears I talk to you still
I tell you my heart and why I feel so hurt

And when I’m finished talking to you
My tears are gone like yesterday’s news.

Because you don’t scold me, but you listen to me
Then you dry my tears and hug me to you.

You place your joy within my heart, a dance in my steps,
A smile on my face and a song on my lips
And lord for this I thank you.

Trusting Him,

Images courtesy of fotosearch


  1. Beautifully written. Tears often express what can not be but into words.

  2. Bernadine your blog post is in line with mine I did on Wednesday when you get time please read it. God bless you my dear.

  3. Amen Bernadine,God is always holding us close and keeping our tears in a bottle. Wonderful poem I did enjoy it.
    Love ya :-)

  4. Our Father God loves us at all times! He is faithful yes even when we don't feel Him close by! I do love your posts!

  5. Beautiful Bernadine! You really explain the 'gift of tears'

  6. This blessed my soul!

    Love you!


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