May 4, 2011

A Wounded Heart

Tears stream down her cheeks
As she raise her eyes toward heaven
Her heart is broken, her dreams shattered
Her world has been torn apart

She doesn’t know what to do
And the world just walks on by
They ignore her tear-stained cheeks
And avoid her pain filled eyes

Her family doesn’t understand her
Her friends she can’t find
So where can she go but to the Lord
And His voice seems far away

She prays silently for answers
To questions she can’t verbalize
She hurts so much inside
She falls to her knees and cry

She cries and prays, Lord I won’t give up
Until your voice I hear
You promised never to forsake me,
So Lord I know you’re here

I can’t seem to let it go Lord
I can’t get rid of the pain
You’ve got to help me release it,
I can’t carry this hurt inside of me

I want to let it go Lord
But I don’t know quite how
So I ask you tonight Lord
Please take it away from me now

As she prays she feels a quiet peace
Flows deep within her soul
And she quietly wiped the tears
That had begun to overflow

She knew that God had answered
Although she heard no words
For she felt her burdens lifted
And knew God had kept his word

She got up from her knees
With a quiet prayer of thanks
And a song of praise within her heart
That was finally freed from hurt


  1. This seems the genesis of your later poem "Almost". :-)

    I particularily like the last two stanzas.

    1. I think I wrote them around the same time:)


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