Jun 12, 2011

A Lighthouse Reminder...

It was the within the first few days of this school year when a student from my previous year’s class came to visit me. She passed me a package and then waited expectantly for me to open it.

“How did you know I love lighthouses?” I gasped in surprise after I opened the package. She smiled and reminded me that not only do I keep one on my desk I had told them when we were getting to know each other during the first few days of school the previous school year.

That lighthouse has been a source of inspiration to me this school year. It has served as a reminder that there is always light in every situation.  As I count down the days to the end of this school year I do so with a grateful heart.  I'm grateful that at the very beginning God sent me a reminder to always keep my focus on Him and not circumstances.

Trusting Him,


  1. So precious dear friend, love you.

  2. That was very thoughtful we never know who is paying attention to us. This person had to of been paying attention to know you like light houses

  3. Such a sweet gift and reminder of the light that shed into the lives of us as well. Blessings to you Bernadine.

  4. Good mornings Bernadine! There are lots of lighthouses around here and on Lake Michagain! I have always loved them too. You are a light also and I do so appreciate your posts! Blessings!


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