Nov 29, 2011

Full of Thanks...

It was the last day in 2009. I was sitting with my new journal that I planned to write in during 2010. I knew I wanted to journal every day during 2010 but I couldn’t think of what I wanted to write about for an entire year.( FYI, I love to write but writing on a schedule... not so much.)

As I sat there watching television and decorating my journal I heard the Holy Spirit whisper… “a year of thankfulness.” I knew then the theme of my journal would be “Thankfulness.”

2010 wasn’t the easiest year for me however, every day (except the few I missed :)) I found something to write that I was thankful for. Some days the list was very short and on other days it went on and on as I reflected on His goodness and why I was so thankful.

One thing last year taught me was to have an attitude of gratitude, to see the good even in the most trying circumstances. Also, during that year I found myself less likely to complain. It’s kinda difficult to be full of thanks and full of complaints the same time. This year I’ve been able to look back over my journal from last year, my lists of things big and small, tangible and intangible and find encouragement and hope.

I’m reminded as December is almost here again to,

1. in all things give thanks.

2. Complain less, praise, thanks, hope, pray, love, smile, be happy and simply do more,

Whenever I forget, the chorus of this song is an excellent reminder…

The Lord Has been so good to me
He's been good to me
More than this old world or you could ever be
He's been so good, To me
He dried all of my tears away
Turned my midnights into day
So I'll just say thank you Lord
I won't complain

I Won't Complain
by Rev. Paul Jones

Trusting Him,

Review, final exams, Grade Books, Report Cards and stacks of paper work has me completely snowed on right now so this blog will be even more silent until mid December.   I'm looking forward to visiting and reading some of your posts leading up to the holidays.   Until then thanks for stopping by...


  1. Hi Bernadine,

    It is an awesome thing in it's self to hear the Holy Spirit speak to us. If every non-believer knew what it was like to know Christ, and know the power of His Holy Spirit I know they could find nothing in this world or in people that could compare. I'm so thankful for those "whispers"

    That is an awesome title " A year of thankfulness"

    I'm thankful for you, and the way you love the Lord.
    God bless you friend ~ Michele

  2. Excellent post sis, you do have allot to be thankful for and so often we forget that don't we, we get caught up with life and what we face and have to do that we forget the little things to be thankful for...have a bless day

  3. We all need to cultivate an attitude in life. We take so much for granted.

  4. Thank you sister for reminding me to give thanks in ALL things! Praying you find peace and rest in the busyness of life. :)

  5. "It’s kinda difficult to be full of thanks and full of complaints the same time."

    Oh, amen! That is the key...thank you for this reminder...

  6. Michele took the words out of my mouth so need for me to say any thing else other than, I'm so thankful to our God!

    Love you dear one!


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