Oct 1, 2013

Lessons From My Mother

Dear Mommy,

 Today makes exactly seven years since I got the news that you had gone to your heavenly home. A part of me died that day and for the longest time afterward I didn’t want to live. Life just wasn’t the same without you and I wasn’t sure I could cope. But I did. I had to put the things that you instilled in me into practice. I’m thankful for the lessons that I learned as I navigated through life without you.

 1. Talk to God always

Although I know I have a relationship with God there were times when I found it easier to depend on you for answers. I called you when I was hurt, depressed or had decisions to make that I wasn’t sure which way to go. You would always pray for me, counsel me and then tell me, “Talk to God Baby. You have to know how to talk to God for yourself because Mommy isn’t always going to be with you.”

 2. Keep my eyes on God.

 I get distracted sometimes Mommy. I worry about what others think about me and expect of me. But you always told me, “Don’t worry about what people think, keep your eyes on God. Do what he tells you to do.” It’s sinking in Mommy. I worry less and less about what others think the older I get.

 3. I am precious to God.

 From my earliest memory you always made me feel special and loved. Sometimes out of the blue you’d look at me and say, “You’re a pretty girl. I love you.” Then you’d tell me, :”God loves you. You are precious to him.”No matter how difficult life gets, even on the days when for whatever reason I’m not talking to God like I should, I know within my heart I’m precious to him.

 4. God keeps his promises.

 I haven’t changed much since you went to heaven Mommy. I’m still the same impatient person you knew me to be. I get tired waiting. I sometimes complain and often have doubts when I don’t see things happening like I want them to. However, deep down inside I know God keeps his promises. Even in my moments of doubts, I hold fast to that because I saw you live it out before me. You never seemed to doubt God’s promises. You always believed that God would do what he said he would do.

The list is endless of the lessons I’ve learned from your life Mommy. I’m so grateful to God for the time that he allowed me to have you in my life. You were my best friend, confidant, counselor, pastor and so much more. Until the day we meet again, I will always miss you.

Your baby girl

 P.S. Sometimes when I want to hear your voice I listen to this… It reminds me of the many messages I heard you preach and the many times you prayed for me.

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