Apr 11, 2012



I almost gave up Lord
I almost let you go
For I couldn’t hear your voice
When I felt I needed you most

I had devised my plan
And how to follow through
I was going to pack it in
I’d decided I was through

But with one simple act
You’ve shown yourself to me
To let me know that
You had never forsaken me

I realize now Father
You were speaking all along
But I was too angry, bitter and hurt
To pay attention to your voice

For I knew if I had listened
You’d have said to let it go
For bitterness has no place
Within a Christian’s soul

You’d have told me, I’m sure,
That I was fighting without cause
For the battle is not mine
Jesus had already won it at the cross

But Lord I’m listening now
With a contrite and broken heart
Secured in the knowledge that
you’ll never give up
on this wayward child of yours

photo credit:  fotosearch.com

Have you experienced times in your Christian walk where it seems if you were the very last item on God’s agenda and he had barely started His list?  (Please let me know I’m not the only one). 

I was quite a few years into my walk with God when I was hurt to the point that I felt broken, bruised and quite forsaken by God.  So in my humanistic way of thinking I thought well if God doesn’t care why should I…?  Thankfully He didn’t give up on me and out of that experience I wrote the above poem.  I'm so glad that almost, doesn't count..

Trusting Him, 


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