Apr 20, 2012

Mission Impossible

One million one, one million two, one million three…

Photo credit:  123rf.com
As I counted I surveyed the area around me.  The beautiful sandy beach stretched on for miles and miles.  Then I looked at the little pile of sand in front of me, it could barely fill a sandwich bag.

It was at this point in the face of my insurmountable task that I finally threw my hands in the air and shouted “I give up!!!”

I knew then as I knew when I began that my mission was impossible, not Tom Cruise impossible but really impossible.  There were not hours enough in the day or days enough in my remaining time on earth to count the grains of sand on this one beach in the Bahamas so the world…? I think not.  

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Trusting Him,


  1. Call me wind because I am blown away by your post!

  2. Cool post dear. Thank you for sharing. Lovely.


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