Jan 13, 2013

From Dream to Reality

It’s pretty late to be writing a New Year’s post right?   Maybe, but the newness of the New Year has not worn off yet, at least not for me J.

A new year always seems to start with plans to change in some way and with the setting of goals. In addition the New Year comes with the realization that some dreams and goals from the previous year have not been accomplished.  So the thought then becomes, do I bury these old dreams and make new ones or do I find a way to make my old dreams happen?

I’ve decided that, I want to make them happen. I want my dreams to manifest, become reality this year. 

The question is… how do I make my dreams reality?  I still don’t really have a clue however this year I’m going to try a few things I’ve listed below.
       Do something different.

There are some dreams that may not have come to pass because I continued to do the same thing every year while expecting the end result to be different.  This year I plan to discard the old methods that did not work over the years and do something different.

 Get advice

Sometimes, try as I may, I get stuck and can’t solve a problem on my own.  The independent, I can do it on my own part of me wants to just keep at it hoping I’ll find the answer.  Unfortunately, the answer doesn’t always come.  This year I’m going to remind myself in the words of John Maxwell that, “teamwork makes the dream work.” So my bloggy friends, in 2013, I just may come knocking at your blog seeking adviceJ

Keep At It

      I’m often guilty of getting frustrated and putting my dreams on a shelf with the label, “hold for inspiration”. However, inspiration never seems to come for the dreams that are on hold.  So, I plan to re-label those on hold dreams with a priority label. This year I’ll stop holding myself back and work through the obstacles and achieve those dreams I’ve labeled priority.

      Realize that it’s up to me

As human beings we often crave approval and validation as we make certain steps in life.  Consequently we can become discouraged and give up when we don’t receive it.  This year I’m going to keep reminding myself that although the support, validation and even applause feel good, ultimately I determine whether or not I achieve my dreams.

 Seek God Always

Except the lord build the house they labor in vain that build it… Psalm 127:1
I believe that my dreams are God given.  However I still have to seek him every step of the way to ensure that I am following his plan and not doing my own thing.  So I’m going to consult Him even more as I travel the path to achieving the dreams that he have given me.

I truly believe that if I continue to trust in God and follow these few steps along with any others He places on my heart 2013 will not end with the same dreams gathering dust on the shelf.  In fact it will end with new dreams to replace the ones that have become reality.

How are you going about achieving your dreams this year?

Trusting Him,


  1. Hi Bernadine, I like all the practical points you pointed out that each of us can use really to help us reach our goals. Wishing you all the best.


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