Jan 17, 2013

An Excellent Spirit... Hmmm...

 About five years ago I posted a series on Walking in the Spirit of Excellence on my teen girl blog based on a talk I had given to a women’s group at church.  I later reposted it to this blog.

Over a year ago I wrote a post, Things That Make You Go Hmmm…” on this blog.

There is no connection between the posts other than the fact that they’re written by the same author.  Wait, there is another connection…

Every single day there are people who find my blog by typing some variation of those two titles into a search engine.  So I thought I’d make it easy for those who search for excellence and those who wonder about things that make you go hmmm… and put my posts all on the same page for easy clicking.

So for you clicking convenience:)


Searching for Excellence

 Walking in the Spirit of Excellence - Introduction
What is Excellence?
Excellence - Rooted in Surrender
Excellence Exemplified by Obedience
Walking in the Spirit of Excellence - Conclusion

So those of you, who drop in by way of your search, take a moment, look around, leave a comment and do drop in again.  Let me know where you search took you and what you gained from it.

Trusting Him, 

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  1. Great way to use the knowledge you get from analytics Bernadine.


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