Oct 17, 2011

Walking in the Spirit of Excellence ~ Introduction

My Quest

Then Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes because an excellent spirit was in him and the king thought to set him over the whole realm. Daniel 6:3

I was studying one of my favorite Old Testament characters Daniel when I came across the above verse. The phrase "because an excellent sprit was in him" for some reason resonated in my spirit. It brought about a new yearning in me. It gave me a craving and desire for excellence in my own life. In fact I wrote a note in my journal to that effect.

It is important that everything we do be done with excellence. When we do things with excellence we attract attention. We stand out from mediocrity. Daniel moved from prisoner to prime minister in a strange land only because everything he did was done in excellence. If I want to attract God’s eye, if I want to attract positive attention excellence has to be in me. I want to be excellent in all that I do as a woman, a teacher and most of all a child of God.
Excerpt from My Journal September 10, 2002
At that time, I had a desire for excellence however, I still had no clue what excellence was all about.  But, I desired it. I longed for it. A little over a month after I made that entry in my journal I was invited to a women’s conference by a coworker. When I received my package on registering I opened it.  Inside was a bible study called, Becoming a Woman of Excellence by Cynthia Heald.

I could only stare in disbelief. God had seen the desire of my heart and had given me a tool that would aid me in my quest. This confirmed what I already knew, that if God sees a genuine unselfish desire in our heart he helps us to realize it.

Consequently, armed with my Bible and my new Bible Study I began my quest to find out how I could become a woman of excellence, who walked in the spirit of excellence.

January 22, 2004
Women’s Ministry Meeting

It has been over seven years now that I spoke to a Women's Ministry Meeting on the topic, Empowering Women to Walk in the Spirit of Excellence. I shared some of my notes from that talk on my previous blog about four years ago. However I decided to repost it on this blog. I hope you’ll stop by on Wednesday to read part 2 What is Excellence?

Trusting Him,


  1. I love the topic you chose you don't hear much teaching on Excellence and Holiness these days,,we sure do need more teaching that is for sure..thank you for sharing yours

  2. Such a great topic...teaching on excellence is so needed.

    joy and blessings to you,

  3. Amen Bernadine!

    I had to smile as I read this because I knew it's a God divine appt that I stopped in and read this because...

    1. It was 2002 for you and it was 1999/Feb. for me when I read that SAME Scripture and had that same thought and drive hit my spirit.

    2. I too, wrote in my journal. I asked God to take me to a higher level of excellence. I asked Him to challenge and grow me even more in my faith. Whew! He sure has and continues to all these later.

    3. It was at my Women of God Hearts for Jesus Inc. group that I shared that Word from 1999 but it was given to them in 2003.

    Wow do I see similarities...isn't that how our GOD is?!

    Just this past Wednesday night at the Bible Study I teach at church I felt the Holy Spirit say, share with the woman that it is not perfection that I seek but that you live with a spirit of excellence. I shared it and then here I am on your blog.

    Wow! I take that as encouragement and challenge from God for me to humble myself even more to live even more as a Daughter of the King who lives with a spirit of excellence.

    I love you precious one! Off to read part 2

  4. What a beautiful Scripture passage (I have to highlight that in my Bible).

    It is so true though that if we have an unselfish desire, God will help us realize it.

  5. Wow, so glad I found your blog!! I will be reading the articles on excellence.


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