Jun 6, 2016

No Fear: Fear Will Grip You or Grow You Book Review

Have you ever been excited about making changes to your life? You finally decided to start following your dreams when suddenly fear reared its ugly head? In your mind you go through all the different scenarios, the what ifs, the what will people think, the I cant’s...  After a while your excitement drains away and you find yourself stuck in limbo with your dreams remaining something that is always in the distant future.  

If this describes you in anyway, or if you’ve ever given in to fear at any time in your life then Lisa Shaw’s new book, No Fear: Fear Will Grip You or Grow You is exactly what you need. 

When I got my copy of No Fear, the first thing I did was scan the table of contents. Topics such as, Who Told You That You Can't? What are You Hiding Behind? Your Internal and External Dialogue and Permission to Reinvent Yourself, made me look forward to having a quiet moment to delve into the book because at one time or another I've been paralyzed by many of them.

I was not disappointed. I found so much eye opening information between the pages. The workbook style encourages you to really look within yourself and find what you're afraid of and confront it. It makes you want to dust off old forgotten dreams and have another go at them. Lisa Shaw speaks to the very heart of the reader and encourages you to not allow fear to grip you but let it be an opportunity for growth.

This book has truly been a blessing. I plan to go through it again more slowly and prayerfully consider the questions at the end of the chapters.

If you’d like to purchase of copy of No Fear, stop by lisashawcares.com  I promise this book will prove to be a tool of great encouragement and motivation.

Trusting Him,