May 15, 2015

She Chose Joy

She lived a few houses down from me. She was often outside working in her yard or sitting on her front porch reading. We’d wave when I drove by and sometimes I’d pull over and chat with her for a few minutes. One thing I noticed in the years that we shared the same neighborhood was that she was always smiling...

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Trusting Him,

May 9, 2015

A Wedding Day Poem for My Mom in Heaven

It was thirteen days before my wedding.  I woke up that morning and I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  I went through most of the day in a bit of a funk and I had no idea why.  I was quite happy the day before so where had this sudden sadness come from? It wasn’t until later that day when for no reason at all tears began to flow and the words, I miss you, Mommy came out of my mouth.

It was bittersweet planning my wedding without her by my side.  I knew how excited she would have been and the thought of her not being there on my special day hurt more deeply than I could ever explain. I admit I cried it out that day, and wrote her a little poem in anticipation of my wedding day.

Dear Mommy,
Today is my wedding day, the day you always wanted to see
Your presence would have meant the world to me.
You would hug me close, with tears streaming down your face
You’d say through your tears, “My baby’s getting married today!”

You’d gather us all together for a time of prayer,
Your powerful words of blessings would bring us all to tears.
Throughout the ceremony your smile would brightly shine,
While memories of my childhood flowed through your mind.

I miss you, Mommy you were my very best friend,
I’m ever so blessed that your presence once graced my life.
Today, I’m sure a tear or two will flow, but I promise you,
There will be much laughter and dancing as we celebrate this joyous day.

I love you Mommy! Thank you for all that you’ve done
For always being my number one fan.
I hope that our heavenly father will let you peek down from above,
To get a glimpse of your baby girl and the man that she loves.

Forever your baby,

 P.S Some tears did flow but they weren't by me.  I think I got it out of my system before the wedding:)

Happy Heavenly Mother's Day, Mommy!