May 22, 2012

In God Alone...

I’m the youngest child in a family of eight.  Consequently, when I was growing up there were always people around that I could count on to be there for me when I needed them.  However, inevitably as happens in life there were times when they let me down in spite of their well meaning intentions.  To be fair I’ve done the same also.

But it just goes to prove that no matter how good our intentions are we disappoint others.  We are human, we make mistakes and we unknowingly cause pain.  Sometimes it’s not easy to let go of the pain that others cause us even when it wasn’t deliberate.  We often want to hold on to it and allow the hurt to grow instead of letting it go... 

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May 10, 2012

Reflecting on Plan B...

From the first time I heard about Pete Wilson’s book Plan B: What Do You Do When God Doesn't Show Up the Way You Thought He Would?  I knew it was a book I needed to read.  So a few days ago I finally bought a copy.  

I haven’t had a book reduce me to tears in a very long time.  However this one has.  As I read I was reminded me of the lyrics to a Roberta Flack song…

I felt he found my letters
And read each one out loud
I prayed that he would finish
But he just kept right on

Strumming my pain with his fingers
Singing my life with his words

It may seem like quite a stretch, comparing Roberta Flack’s song to Pete Wilson’s book however his book Plan B struck a chord in the best possible way.  I found my story between the pages…  It’s difficult to reach to a point in life where it seems as if nothing is going according to plan.  You wonder where God is and why He isn’t doing those things you expect of him.

The book offers encouragement to people who find themselves in the midst of a Plan B.  Pastor Wilson emphasizes the point that although life may not have turned out the way you expect it to it’s not the end of the road.  God has a purpose in everything even the disappointing and terrible moments in your life.

Pastor Wilson interweaves stories of everyday people along with biblical characters who find themselves in the midst of a Plan B.  He emphasizes that even our biblical heroes like Job, Joseph and others had moments when they knew they did everything right but still life went horribly wrong.  Dreams didn’t materialize family and trusted friends let them down.  The unfathomable happened, God seemingly forsook them… but yet they stood strong.  Life didn’t miraculously become better but God used the terrible moments in their lives for his glory.

In spite of my many words I am only halfway through Pete Wilson’s book.  It’s not a book I want to rush.  I’m reading and stopping to let it sink in because this is exactly where I am right now in the midst of a Plan B trying to figure out what God wants me to do next…

Have you read the book Plan B?  What are your thoughts?

Trusting Him,

May 2, 2012

Look on the Sunny Side

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There are always two sides
the good and the bad,

The dark and the light,
the sad and the glad--

But in looking back over
 the good and the bad

We're aware of the number
of good things we've had--

And in counting our blessings
we find when we're through

We've no reason at all
to complain or be blue--

So thank God for good things
He has already done,

And be grateful to Him
for the battles you've won,

And know that the same God
 who helped you before

Is ready and willing
to help you once more--

Then with faith in your heart
reach out for God's Hand

And accept what He sends,
 though you can't understand--

For our Father in heaven
always knows what is best,

And if you trust in His wisdom
your life will be blest,

For always remember
 that whatever betide you,

I found this beautiful poem in a book of Helen Steiner Rice’s poems a dear friend gave me today for my birthday. These words are quite relevant as I begin a new year… I’m reminded to trust God and look on the sunny side of life.  

Thank you Lord for another year and for daily reminding me just how much you care.

Trusting Him,