Oct 2, 2012

A Memory that Lingers...

I was at home one evening when I heard a soft but insistent knocking on my door.  I really didn’t feel up to having company but the person would not give up.  I quietly glanced outside to see who it was.  After seeing a little girl and boy standing there I opened the door.  I didn’t recognize the faces of the children but they looked at me with the saddest eyes...

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Trusting Him,

Oct 1, 2012

Thinking about you...


We never thought we’d be left
With just memories of you
We never dreamt you’d be gone
From our lives so soon.

You always seemed invincible
Like nothing could keep you down.
You were like a spiritual super woman
On the battlefield for your Lord.

You never once got tired.
Of winning the lost for Him.
Your mission, your very life’s work
Was to spread the love of Christ.

You did an excellent job Mommy.
We all knew and felt his love,
Because it was always demonstrated
In your smile, your kisses and your hugs.

Your heart was as big as the ocean.
Showing love for one and all.
Making us all feel so special
Because you loved us faults and all.

We can’t believe we’ll never get
Another hug here on this side
But Mommy, rest assured we’ll see you again
Because we have Jesus on the inside.

We love you and miss you Mommy,
 six years after goodbye,
I'm still,
Your baby girl