Nov 26, 2013

Eve of Awakening Book Review and Giveaway

Eve of Awakening is a futuristic Christian fiction book set in the United States which is separated by class and ideologies after the Second Civil War.  Eve Pallue is the main character.  This book tells Eve’s story and chronicles her journey and changes in thinking.

Eve, an Elite Efficientist is the daughter of Arthur Pallue, the man who helped create Life Efficiency.  Life Efficiency condenses everything down to the barest necessity to get optimal production. Efficientists even sleep in sleepers to reduce the amount of sleep they need each night.

Eve’s sleeper malfunctions one night and she suffers an awakening which almost kills her.  This experience sparks the beginning of Eve’s search for answers as she begins to experience flashbacks of a mother she had forgotten and a life that seemed to contradict her belief in Life Efficiency.

 Many interesting characters appear throughout this book to assist Eve on her journey.  From Christina who led her to Christ, to Jonah who protected her, to Esther and Deborah who took care of her and nurtured her, there was not a time she needed someone that God didn’t have the right person in place to assist her in her quest for answers and finding out more about her mother.

I found myself fascinated by Eve and drawn into her world as she embraced her new life in Christ although it meant leaving behind what many may have seen as an enviable life.

Eve’s story has an ending that satisfies my desire for closure and the tying up of loose ends yet leaves me anticipating the next chapter in her journey…

 Eve of Awakening is the debut novel written by my blogging friend Alisa Wagner.  Alisa is giving away a signed copy of her book Eve of Awakening to one lucky reader.  If you enjoy reading Christian fiction that has depth and meaning be sure to leave a comment. Check back next Wednesday to see if you're the lucky reader to win a copy of Alisa’s book.

Trusting Him,

Nov 5, 2013

Living in Fast Forward Mode

Have you ever watched a movie in fast forward mode?  Doesn't make much sense does it?  I've watched enough movies to know that in order to get the full effect and understanding of the movie, I have to watch it at its intended pace.  When I do fast forward through what I consider the boring parts of the movies, I actually find myself having to rewind because I don't quite understand what is happening and in those moments I realize that even the "boring" parts have its purpose.

Unfortunately, sometimes I treat my life with a little less respect and reverence than I do those movies. As I reflect on my life, the memories roll through my mind like scenes from a movie.  However, the scenes are all in fast forward mode.  

I'm at Laced With Grace today.  I'd love it if you'd stop by to read the rest of my post Living in Fast Forward Mode.

Trusting Him, ~Bernadine~