Aug 13, 2012

Staying Focused

A few days ago I went to do some work in my classroom.  School isn’t officially opened yet but somehow a few of us teachers are always back early organizing and beautifying our classrooms as if we are hard pressed to stay away.

As I stepped through the door I immediately felt overwhelmed. Everything just seemed in such chaos that I wasn’t sure where to begin.  I’d come with a plan to simply organize my cupboard and put away some papers and books.  However, I saw so much other things that I needed to do that I was tempted to take on the whole room.  I didn’t though because I knew that I’d fail miserably and go home feeling as if I accomplished nothing.

So I grabbed a stack of papers, sat behind my desk and started putting them in order.  As I worked I blanked out the chaos of the room and refused to let it distract me from my goal.  At the end of the few hours I was there the room still looked a bit chaotic but I knew I had accomplished the one thing I set out to do instead of failing at many things.

So many times I am guilt of similarly wanting to take on the world.  There seem to be so many people hurting I wish I could help, numerous projects worth being a part of, countless inspirational books I just have to read… and before I know it I’m exhausted.  I’m burnt out and worst yet I can’t see what I’ve accomplished with so many incomplete projects before me.  So I take a break and ask my father just what is it I need to focus on in this moment of my life.

He directs, he guides, he tells me to focus on him because, Except the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it… Psalm 127:1

Trusting Him,

A few pics of  my class from  two years ago.  

Aug 6, 2012

The Ultimate Goal

I’m not an athlete, never have been.  In fact you can say I’m not much of a sports fan except on occasion.  However once every four years I become a total fanatic about the world of sports when the Olympics come around.   I love the fact that each country sends out its best to represent them at these games.

I enjoy hearing the life stories of my favorites at the Olympics.  Knowing the time, effort and sacrifice that enabled them to reach to the moment where they become Olympians makes me to a small degree understand how devastating a loss is and how victory can make all the sacrifices seem worthwhile.

The Olympics is a place where dreams become reality for some and come crashing down for others.  It’s the place where the favorite doesn’t always win and the most unexpected sometimes happen.   As I watch, I applaud, celebrate and commiserate with those who participate in these games.  I admire their dedication but most of all I am inspired by their passion...

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Trusting Him,