May 2, 2012

Look on the Sunny Side

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There are always two sides
the good and the bad,

The dark and the light,
the sad and the glad--

But in looking back over
 the good and the bad

We're aware of the number
of good things we've had--

And in counting our blessings
we find when we're through

We've no reason at all
to complain or be blue--

So thank God for good things
He has already done,

And be grateful to Him
for the battles you've won,

And know that the same God
 who helped you before

Is ready and willing
to help you once more--

Then with faith in your heart
reach out for God's Hand

And accept what He sends,
 though you can't understand--

For our Father in heaven
always knows what is best,

And if you trust in His wisdom
your life will be blest,

For always remember
 that whatever betide you,

I found this beautiful poem in a book of Helen Steiner Rice’s poems a dear friend gave me today for my birthday. These words are quite relevant as I begin a new year… I’m reminded to trust God and look on the sunny side of life.  

Thank you Lord for another year and for daily reminding me just how much you care.

Trusting Him, 

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  1. Thank you dear for sharing this post. Yes, many times I look at one side. But yes, there are two sides. Blessings.


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