Oct 7, 2011

My Prized Possession

I’ve tried to replace it because really it’s quite battered, torn and in some places quite worn out but, I’m too attached to it. 

It was a gift from my brother Enoch almost twenty years ago.

Many of Its pages are decorated like a Christmas tree from when I was going through my highlighter phase.

I’ve lost a part of a page here and there and I always hope I’m not called to read those particular pages in church.

All of my favorite scriptures are underlined with little cryptic notes written next to them.

 It has faint tearstains where I cried as I read

Looking at the back you’d think it was something to be thrown away but it’s not…
It’s my most treasured possession… my Bible.

I’ve bought several new ones over the years but they remain just that… new.

I use them for a little while and then I miss my old friend so it’s back to its old familiar pages again.

Since I cannot force myself to replace it I keep it in a case which is in itself in need of replacing.

My bible tells my story.

It chronicles my Christian journey.

It comforts, motivates and inspires me.

It feeds my Spirit.

It gives me hope...

I know I’ll eventually have to replace it but not right now.  At this moment, like my heavenly father, it signifies something that is constant and unchanging in my life.

 I don’t know about you but there are times when I need to know that as life, people, situations and things change some things remain the same.

I’d love to hear the story of your Bible if you’d care to share.

Trusting Him,


  1. I love this Bernadine!! I have a couple bibles that are colored in rainbows of colors and notes!! Blessings!!

  2. Perfect thing to cling onto. I find that there are certain Bibles that are my preferred at different seasons of my life and it's interesting to go back and read some of things I have written in the margins.

  3. a bible which is colored and notes in it is a person who spends time in it reading and studying sis..my bible is the same way plenty of colors and notes and I won't change it...God bless you

  4. My Bible is not far from the same... although not quite as old as yours. I'm looking into have a new cover/binding put on it. I just don't want to use another one.

    I sometimes wonder if the publishers think we're not really going to use them, so they bind them cheaply. Maybe. I always love seeing someone else's worn Bible. It speaks a witness all its own.


  5. I too have my favorite well worn Bible, there is something special about seeing the journey unfold. Thanks for reminding me it's okay to keep using the weathered one. :) Much love, Tiffany

  6. Wow! That Bible has been read and loved! It is so symbolic of how much you dig into the Scriptures! A worn out Bible is a heart full of wisdom! BTW - I love that pic of you and your brother!


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