Jan 20, 2012

Except Ye Become as Little Children

It was the happy sounds of laughter that drew me to my window. So there I stood watching them playing in their backyard. There were no expensive toys strewn about or even a bat and ball. They were simply running around the yard playing tag, two brothers one older, one younger and a sister in the middle.

They played with total joy and delight, talking, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. I watched them for a while, their laughter making me smile. As I watched the littlest one tumbled down, however before his first tear fell his older siblings were there brushing off his little legs and offering comfort ensuring that no tears spoiled their fun.

I wonder when it all changes? When does the simplicity and joy of childhood begin to lose its luster?  

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Trusting Him,

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  1. Thank you for the reminder to be more like children :)


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