Jun 26, 2013

Called To Be

I don’t know if I’ve been singing it as a vow to God
or a declaration to myself. Maybe it’s a combination of both.

 What I do know is that lately I’ve been constantly playing
Jonathan Nelson’s song, Called to Be.

 We know that God has a purpose for our lives but sometimes
Our lives get off track and we wonder if it’s ever going to happen.
Am I ever going to be who God has called me to be?

 This song reminds me, that if I continue to press,
through the mountains high and valleys low,
if I continue to keep my focus… I will be who he called me to be.

I will be what you called me to be
I say, Yes Lord I agree
My desire, passionately
 Is to be what you called me to be
 That's what I'll be  

Trusting Him,

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