Jan 7, 2014

The Call to Leave the Shallows

Somehow, no matter how many of them I experience I still get excited about beginning a new year.   In this New Year I hear the call, to leave the shallow places behind and launch out into the deep places in God.  The shallow places have become too comfortable.  They have become an excuse for failure because there are no opportunities for success or movement.  The shallows give you a valid reason to give up, wash up your net as the fishermen did in Luke 5:4-5.
When He had finished speaking, He said to Simon, “Push out into the deep water. Let down your nets for some fish.” Simon said to Him, “Teacher, we have worked all night and we have caught nothing. But because You told me to, I will let the net down.”

I'm at Laced With Grace today.  I'd love it if you stop by and read the rest of my article The Call to Leave the Shallows

Trusting Him,

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