Nov 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is not a holiday in my country but you’d think it was.

We have Thanksgiving assemblies in our schools.

Students bring in can goods to present to local charities and organizations.

There’re potluck lunches at schools and many businesses

Lunch vendors have special Thanksgiving lunches.

Restaurants have Thanksgiving dinner specials.

Churches have Thanksgiving services…

And we celebrate with our neighbors to the North.

Because it’s always a great thing to give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, especially my friends in America!

I’m thankful that you stop by.

Your presence adds joy to my day.

Trusting Him,


  1. Hi Bernardine,
    Oh, how I would love to be vacationing in the Bahamas. My husband is also a teacher, and he gets the entire week of Thanksgiving off, so he is happy to celebrate that holiday of course ;o)

    Have a wonderful day,j
    Michele Katherine

  2. I love that the Bahamas celebrates Thanksgiving with us! Have a wonderful day tomorrow! There is so much for us to be thankful for!

  3. Hi Bernadine,

    Where are you from?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I write about us giving thanks in all circumstances in my latest blog post. Visit if you can.


  4. Bernadine, thanks for sharing all the 'good' Thanksgiving things with us. I ate way too much. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunshine - and send a bit up to the Northeast US - ok?

  5. It is so neat that you have a sort of Thanksgiving :) ...Cool that kids collect cans for charities.

    I am thankful for your friendship, Bernadine.

    Love & peace,
    <>< Iris


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