Aug 16, 2011

Is it Worth it?

It was the first time I had been on a flight that long. The eight hour journey that signified the second to the last leg of my trip seemed never ending. I chit chatted a bit with my seatmate, read, ate, slept, got up and stretched and watched the hour hand on my watch slowly count off the hours.

It wasn’t the most comfortable way to spend eight hours of my life but somehow, the excitement of where I was going, and knowing the exact length of the trip, sustained me throughout the long journey.

Sometimes I wish my Christian journey was that simple. I know what’s at the end of the journey but I have absolutely no idea how long the journey is. So sometimes because of the length I admit sometimes I wonder, is it worth it?
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Trusting Him,


  1. Loved your devotional there. I wish it was that simply at times too. It's the weight of the wait that gets us but if we stay focus on the end we can endure. Blessings Bernadine.

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