Jul 6, 2012

I'll Do it Tomorrow...

I’ll do it tomorrow,
Next week,
Next month,
Next year…
I’ll get to it eventually,
I know I will.

And so another dream lies
In the corner
Covered with dust
Waiting for the right opportunity,
The perfect moment,
The right person to give her approval.

The weeks,
Months and
Years pass by.
Yet, dreams remain hidden in the corner and
Plans to achieve them remain the same.
I’ll do it tomorrow,
I’m sure the perfect opportunity will come.

What’s stopping you?
Why aren’t you working,
Achieving, today?

Dreams are resilient…
Go pick yours up.
Brush them off…
Shine them up…
Work at them,
Because the years are passing
And one day you’ll find
it really is too late!

Just thinking out loud today.

Trusting Him, 


  1. Oh my Bernadine how I thank you for sharing your thoughts out loud. I need to be reminded to dust some stuff off.

  2. Hi Bernadine i found your blog through your article on YLCF. What a well written poem. I can really relate to it when I put off things i have been meaning to do. It really does speak volumes. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  3. Hi Bernadine! I loved your post on YLCF today and this one, well, just as lovely. Thank you for sharing this today!


  4. Hello! I've come upon your site through a Facebook link that Alisa Hope Wagner had posted yesterday about your review of her recent book Eve of Awakening. Being here I've been reading some of your posts and have now come upon your poetry. Your poem God's Transportation, though you give credit for it's inspiration to another, seems to have been born from this this piece that you posted nine months earlier. :-)

    What’s stopping you?
    Why aren’t you working,
    Achieving, today?

    Why aren't we God's Transportation today?

    1. Thanks for stopping by, it's nice to meet you. I love the connection you made between my two poems... I hadn't noticed that but it's true:)


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