Jul 26, 2012

Using Your Gifts to Please God

You don’t give yourself enough credit.”

She said it quietly, without much emphasis, simply stating what she considered a fact.  Before I could respond she continued, “I haven’t tasted anything you cooked that wasn’t good.”
photo credit:  123rf.com

My friend Mandie visited me for the first time this summer.  It was a visit almost twelve years in the making.  Long before she came I made it known I didn’t consider myself the best cook.  I told her how well my sisters cooked but not me. I wanted to make sure I warned her in advance just in case she didn’t enjoy my cooking.   The fact is she did enjoy my sisters’ food but she enjoyed my own also.

Long after she left, her words played over and over in my mind.  “You don’t give yourself enough credit.”

Mandie’s words reminded me of something a church sister spoke in prayer meeting lately.  She said, “All God wants you to do is your best.  So, whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability.”  In the final analysis, God is not looking for the best cook, the snappiest dresser, the most creative homemaker or the most eloquent blogger. God is looking for people who will use their gifts and abilities whatever they may be, for his service and in service to others.

So even if we’re not what we consider to be the best at what we do, when we yield our gifts to God and allow him to use them He is pleased wit us.  And if God is pleased we should be alright with that.

What about you?  Do you often find yourself downplaying your gifts to others because you sincerely believe that what you do does not measure up? 

Trusting Him,


  1. Sadly, I have to truthfully answer yes to your question Bernadine. Thanks for the sweet reminder of what God desires.

  2. Hi Bernadine,

    Yes, I have been guilty of putting myself down when I compare myself to someone else. But you are right, God just wants us to step out in faith and use the gifts he's given us. And the wonderful thing is God meets us right there and increases/improves our gifts. And sometimes people stand in awe of us when all along it is God they're really standing in awe of.


  3. Thought provoking and a good reminder. I am notorious for making myself out less than what God sees in me. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

  4. Hello Bernadine it's been awhile LOL!! I decided to look up some old friends in blogsphere and landed here first. And what a good word I just finished,I wonder why we cannot seem to be pleased with ourselves and God is. Mercy it has to be that old ugly nature,praise God,for he loves us and helps us through it all!You're so right if God is pleased,then we should be.
    Love you :-)

  5. Precious friend, at some point we've all done it. Thank you for your word of encouragement and a strong word at that!!! I'm so glad you and your friend were able to come together and spend time visiting.

    Love ya!


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