Jan 26, 2011

A Woman's Hurt

What causes a woman to hurt
To feel pain within her heart?
A pain she hides from the world
Though tears flow in the dark.

What causes her to hurt
To feel like no one cares
As she curls in the fetal position
And bathes her pillow with tears

She cries, she prays, she questions God
As she shows him all her wounds
Then she looks to him for answers
For all the bruises on her soul

Did no one ever look behind
The smiles she shows the world
And see the teary, pained filled eyes
She hides behind the smile?

Did no friend reach out a hand
To help lift her downcast heart
To let her know that she is loved
And God cares for her soul?

There are so many smiling faces
Which hides the tears of pain
So take a closer look today
At the woman next to you

Give her a smile, lend her an ear
Let her tell you why she hurts
Your concern may be what’s needed
To make a difference in her life

Inspired by Pastor Monvella McIntosh’s
Hurting Women’s Conference August 7, 2000


  1. Hello Bernadine
    This poem is beautiful,you can really feel it.I love it! And if you're going through just hold on God always show up right on time.
    Love you

  2. Hi Bernadine,

    Beautifully, and so thoughtfully written.
    I hope you have a wonderful day,
    God bless you

  3. Hi Bernadine -

    Thank you for this. The words are indeed appreciated.

    And let us please remember the men who cry hidden tears from fear to cry openly. So much have many men been told that for them to cry is weak. Let us remember that JESUS wept...

    JESUS is the Savior MAN. He is strong yet He wept, according to what is in the Word of GOD.

    May GOD help us to be sensitive to all.

  4. Beautiful poem! It is such a good reminder that women sometimes hide their pain behind smiles and we need to take a closer look.

  5. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. It is so true that many hide their pain behind smiles when their heart is breaking.
    God bless you.

  6. Bernadine, your words are the words of every woman. Your sensitivity is so beautiful. Thank you for this, for showing us that we are not alone in our feelings and for helping us to be aware of others.


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